Hardship Letters for Short Sales


Welcome to the most complete resource available for short sale hardship letters on the web! We have gathered a collection of proven hardship letters to be used in a short sale transaction.  Our goal is to be able to present you with an example of a hardship letter for every occasion.  Whether is be unemployment, illness, or excessive use of credit you will find it on this site.

This site was put together using seasoned, tried and true information from a collection of over 200 short sale hardship letters that have been used in real life situations.  They have been approved by a variety of lending institutions and should be considered reliable.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT submit these letters as your own.  They should be used as a guide as to what is acceptable and tolerated by the lenders as a viable hardship sufficient for them to take a loss on a loan.  Hardship Letters for Short Sales  should be true and accurate when you are submitting them to a lender for the approval of a short sale. Stating something that is not true on a hardship letter in hopes of getting a short sale could be considered loan fraud. Don’t do it. Instead, use these letters to learn how to tell your story.